First days key words: competence based

First three days of this program were intensive period in Oulu. We got a lot of practical information of studies in this program.  One important goal was also to get to know each other. We have a group of about 20 people from over 5 different countries with totally different backgrounds. I look forward to learning and working with them.

Competence based education was most common subject during first three days. I was a bit confused about it but after all the meaning of competence based education is clearer and it makes sense. In brief, if you have a competence you need to demonstrate it. If you not have it, get it and show it. This is not about grades or credits, only thing that matters is competence. After these studies we all have competence to be qualified teacher.

The competences of vocational teachers:


Now it is time to assess my own competence, therefore I am working with my own personal study plan. This is not an easy task at all. I already have some of these skills after being over ten years in working life, but it is not enough if I just know some part of each competence. And I feel that is the case, I need to develop all of these competencies in order to demonstrate my skills.

After all I really enjoyed how teachers used different kind of teaching and facilitating methods in order to make sure we will learn as effective as possible. This is something that I really expected already when I was applying to this program. I want to learn new teaching methods and tools and make sure that I understand the objectives and theories behind them. Therefore, I will build a library of useful links, which can be found from the menu bar of this blog.










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