Learging Cafe + Kahoot

During the first day we discussed about competencies of vocational teachers by utilizing the Learning Café (or World Café) method. The method provides an open and creative conversation on a topic and increases collective knowledge and share ideas among the whole group of participants. I have used this kind of method or similar before, but I did not know it is called learning café. Now I know, and that’s great and I look forward to learning many more.



Kahoot.it (for participants) or getkahoot.com (for facilitators) is really interesting, fun and easy to use tool to make fun learning games. Student (or players) answer on their own devices with an internet connection, while games are displayed on shared screen to unite the lesson. It really worked well and learning was fun, different and effective. Of course you can always make 50 PowerPoint slides and walk them through if you want, glad that our teacher did not. For sure I am going to utilize this cool tool sooner or later.





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