Testing AC + 2 presentation

First we had 2 presentations by last year’s students Eeva-Kaisa Kiuru and Paula Mella-aho. Both have strong background in business life like I do. It was good to hear that they really made it clear that this program is absolutely useful even if the plan is not to be a teacher. More or less this is my case too as I am not 100% sure of my goal whether is it in private sector or in a field of education. Pedagogical skills and knowledge is something that is needed in many kind of situation and in many different roles and jobs, so it gives more motivation to realize that I am in right place. Especially Paula pointed out that one of her goal was to learn new tools and teaching methods, that’s my first expectation to this program as well.

Link to Paulas blog and Eeva-Kaisas blog


After experiences from last year’s student we started to study Adobe Connect (AC) as a virtual meeting tool. It worked really well and I think all were really confident about working with it in the future. I have used a lot of skype and some other videoconference tools but never AC before. AC seems to be quit flexible and there is plenty of possibilities to use different methods like polls, sub-groups etc.

We are going to start our learning sessios 30 before the actual session begin, thus there plenty of time to chec audios and other technical issues and some time to fix them if needed. This could be a good idea in business meeting too. Even thought 30 min is too much maybe 10 minutes or so would be good time for testing. It happens too often that testing issues and thecnical problems waste time of all partisicipants.

Most important and basic skills when using any video conference program: Choosing your audio, mic + video source, roles, chat, notes, shared document, shared screen, shared items.

Netiquette of video conferencing
-When to mute
-When to use video
-When to test audio
-Following several messages


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