Finnish education system

“Equity in education
One of the basic principles of Finnish education is that all people must have equal access to high-quality education and training. The same opportunities to education should be available to all citizens irrespective of their ethnic origin, age, wealth or where they live.”

– Finnish national board of education.

Education system in Finland was the main topic in our AC session on Thursdays. On the one hand it is pretty clear for me as I have gone through the path by myself.  On the other hand, there is a lot issues and causal connections which are totally new for me. Education terminology might be difficult from time to time even in Finnish. There are 2 useful webpages when needing help to translate education terminology:

Suomi-English dictionary of education related terminaology

English-Suomi dictionary of education related terminology

Education system in brief:


During our AC session we had a task to define an educational path for different kind of people with different backgrounds and ambitions. This was a group work, we had 1 hour to discuss and make a presentation to the rest of the group. After all I think that one of the main conclusion was that education system in Finland is really flexible. All groups found many different option in order to get more education and degrees. In the future system needs to be even more flexible as lifelong learning means that there is so many people with all kind of backgrounds, and they need education that suits to their personal needs.


After tearm work Janne told us about digital badges. Digital badges are one way to show competence and get credits. Badges highlight and recognize skills and knowledge that come from personal initiative and investigation.  My first digital badge will be a badge of some novice as it is part of the studies.


Studying online with Adobe Connect

At the end we discussed and gave feedback about using Adobe Connect and studying online. Feedbacks were pretty positive and things has started smoothly.









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