EDUSCI: Bad and good teaching

As a part of our educational science course we were asked to find two images to share during the online session. First image shows good teaching and second bad teaching from our own perspectives. I picked these images.Multi-Cultural Office Staff Sitting Having Meeting Together




I think its easy to draw a conclusion that first picture shows good teaching. Not just becouse of students with smiles who seems to be eager to participate and share opinions. Allso physical enviroment supports learning and it empowers student in learning process. Enviroment is open space and it is not even in a class room, but in the lobby of the building. Students are sitting in a round and all have equal position with fellow students and it is easy to share opinins with others. Lightning is allso essential faktor, outside light coming from big windows creates harmonic athmosphere and students feel good to be there. Interaction between students and teacher is flexible and teacher is not at the centrum at all. Actually it is hard to even point out who is the teacher. It is really student centered way of teaching and learning, teacher is just a facilitator and does not need any bigger role in this learning situation.

Second images is about bad teaching and there is many reason for that. Lack of interaction between teacher and students is probably a major problem. Those in the back mostly just see the heads of their classmates and the drawings on the wall are too small for back seat student. Seating does not support interaction with the teacher or between students at all. Allso it looks like students are separated from each others as there are  bags and belongings on the tables like a wall between them. Classrooms without windows and minimal outside light creates a bit depressive feeling, lightning of the class room could be much brighter.

Initial reading for this course is Approaches to Learning: A guide for teachers (2008) by Jordan, Anne, Carlile, Orison and Stack, Annetta.

Chapters 2-6 covers and explores 5 different learning theories: behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, social learning and cultural learning. One way to analyze first image is to link it to the theory of social learning. Main idea of social learning is that learning does not occur in isolation. In the image there is a group of students sitting in a round together. Obviously teacher has encouraged them to debate and discuss. They are not using laptops or writing notes, they all concentrate to communicate with each other. Social learning highlights that learning is not just an individual activity.

Image of bad teaching could represent somehow cognitivism. Cognitivists believe that learning results from organizing and processing information effectively. If you know how students or learners are processing information as a teacher you can modify teaching methods base on that knowledge. In the image teacher is controlling the learning situation. Maybe teacher is sharing information and material that stimulates cognitive processes and encourages learners to make mental connections for themselves. On the other teacher of the image should use teaching methods that stimulates different sensors.  It would lead to double encoding which means that students get the same information for instance by watching and hearing.




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