New module started and first teaching session

First online session after summer took place at the end of the august. We started a new study module called Teaching and guidance in vocational pedagogy

From now on we are going to make different kind of teaching session from important topics related to the vocational pedagogy. This is kind of 2 in 1 situation. We are learning substance and get experience of teaching by teaching others.

Actually this module already started few weeks ago before session as we get virtually together with yellow group for planning the session. Team members were Gulshan, Elisangela and Satu-Maarit. Our topic was: How do you find the core content of the curriculum?  How and why we personalize study plans on different vocational school levels? Task was to create a 30 minutes online session. As this was first session of the module there was more or less uncertainty in the air. But after all we managed to complete our session quite well according to our plan. All groups did well and I liked the whole session.

Our plan for the session was:

1. Introduction to online session (1 min)

2. Short summary (3 min) – Background of core content main definitino

3. Discussion/presentation (max 10 min) – CORE CONTENT

4. All students share the notes (answering the questions from pre-task regarding core  content).ONE question at a time so all have the opportunity to speak.

What was your main impression regarding the curriculum?

Was the content relevant and up-to date?

Was there any content missing or something which you believe was not relevant?

5. Short summary (3 min) – Background content for personal Study plan, objectives and PSP in vocational education (competence based)

Survey monkey statistics questionnaire regarding PSP experience  plus group discussion

Maybe ask from the group of students in the room if they have had previous experience with PSP and ask them to share it.

If they don’t then we do. We have good ones 🙂

6. Main points of Core curriculum and PSP (2-3 min)


As a pretask we created survey monkey questions and used that data during the online session.


Students' perception of PSP

Students' perception of PSP

Students' perception of PSP


Students' perception of PSP







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