New (cool)teaching tools

After two teaching sessions, all groups have used many kinds of online tools in order to make good presentations and to teach effectively. I think it is really useful to have many different tools in your pocket. Also especially in online teaching, the methods and tools of teaching go more or less hand in hand.

Padlet is the best “new for me” tool for a while. First of all it is simple and very easy to use. It seems to work well and reliably.  It works like a sheet of paper where you can put images, videos, documents, text anywhere together with anyone. Just give a link to students and they can all start to work together.  Full 10/10 points to the padlet, can be used in a millions of different situations.

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.53.17 AM.png

In my opinion Prezi is pretty much like PowerPoint. Instead of a sequence of slides, Prezi presentations zoom in and out of single canvas, first focusing in on a block of text or a set of images or videos, then flying across the canvas to other text or images. You always have the option to zoom out to see the entire canvas or in to see any detail you choose. It is true that Prezi presentations look bit more lively than average PowerPoint presentations does. On the other hand, especially in online environment PowerPoint seems to work much better than Prezi. PowerPoint can be used in so many creative ways too. So a warning: make sure you practice how to share your Prezi if you plan to use it online.


This great interactive tool was used by Blue group in the online session. Group Zap in an interactive tool indeed. Sticky notes can be moved around in whatever way makes sense for the group. It is really good for learning and brainstorming. Negative side is that this tool is not free, or the free version is very limited, the board stays active only 24 hours after the board is created. So be fast or get your credit card ready!



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