Teaching, technical problems and plan B

Last online teaching sessions on Tuesday 27th included good teaching, nice discussions and yes technical difficulties. But after all groups did well and I liked the way how creatively and smoothly sessions moved on despite the challenges of technical issues.

The topic of yellow (mine) group:

How do the particular teaching methods promote individual learning process and personalized learning paths?

This was already third session, so the preparation is getting easier and smoother as we know what is going on and what we really need to do in order to create and prepare successful teaching session for other students.

For me this topic was easier than previous ones. AS I have a lot training and coaching experience in the field of marketing and business I realized that I have somehow used many of these teaching methods that promotes individual learning. After I studied the theoretical background of particular teaching method I felt it was quite easy to combine them on my previous knowledge and experience. That is something that I really expected from this program. I want to get better knowledge and understanding what I am actually doing. It is great to realize that it is happening.

During our session we covered quite many teaching methods. There were few methods that I knew somehow but haven’t really never try them in practice. Mind map was one of the method which real content was new to me.  I just now understand how personal and useful method it is. During the session we had a good chat about it and we figured out so many good aspect and point of using mind map as a teaching method to promote individual learning. Mind map is unique for each students and for each of us. If you are interested about Mind maps, good way is to try google images engine and soon you are going to be in a world of mind maps.

As mentioned earlier I faced some technical problems in the beginning of the session. I was going to use GroupZap tool, that was used last time by blue group and it really worked well. This time it did not. It was just loading and loading before getting access to the program, I heard from other groups that a loading time would have been even 7 minutes, that’s a disaster. Anyways, I am quite proud of my decision to move on with Padlet instead of GroupZap. It was pure luck that I had my Padlets ready to go. I made them first as we were going to use them. But after all our group decided to transfer all that and more to GroupZap as it would have been easier and more convenient way to reach our goals of teaching session. Even I lost half of the content as GroupZap di not worked I managed to facilitate discussion and lecture with Padlets. Big thanks to all my fellow students as they were really actively participating during the session which made it much easier to me as a teacher who was already in trouble with technical issues.

Plan B´s padlet: https://padlet.com/svahakuopus/vocational


Definition of some teaching methods: https://padlet.com/svahakuopus/vocational2


All teaching sessions on Tuesday related somehow to the teaching methods and group collaboration. Topic of the first session was about group and team dynamics and what collaborative methods or practices can be used in teaching. Session was well prepared and presented by blue group. We had a GroupZap board (Yes, it took for a while to get it loaded) which looked like a virtual Learnig Café environment. There is great images of board on Satu´s blog. It was really well planned session and included both action and discussion. In my opinion most useful aspect was about different roles which a group member may have and methods how teacher can promote group working. We agreed there is many kind of group roles and it depends on situation how well-organized group structure is needed. Same person may be in totally different role in different groups.

Virpi teached us about how vocational teacher guides and tutors groups and teams. We started to watch very clear and informative video, can be found here. According to video four key elements of group work from aspect of teacher were:

  1. Get the physical environment right
  2. Set the ground rules and establish the climate
  3. producing quality environment
  4. Monitor group work

Video was nice start, especially as we continued working with themes of the video. We were planned to utilize popplet, which is tool for creating mind maps. Bad karma still existed and network problems forced us to continue without popplet. I think the structure of this session was excellent.  First we got some information and after we started to think about what does it really mean in practice. I think I will remember this four points from now on. Despite technical issues Virpi managed to lead whole session like a professional teacher.

Last session of the day was started by Timo and Mitra from the red team. They talked about different types of learners and styles to guide. 4 types of learners were introduced; dependent, interested, involved and self-directed. Corresponding style of teachers roles are: authoritarian, motivator, facilitator and consultant. These roles go hand in hand with different types of learners. Dependent learner needs authoritarian teachers who controls students learning progress, on the other hand self-directed learner get more freedom.

Dependent authoritarian
Interested motivator
Involved facilitator
Self-directed consultant


 In the beginning of the session this video was showed to us.



2 thoughts on “Teaching, technical problems and plan B

  1. Last tuesday was all about technical problems and I should have had plan B prepared for my teaching like Sami had. Plan B can be simple, like a paddlet, so it doesn´t add too much work for planning.


  2. i agree, being in the blueroom and starting it with GZ was problematic. I learnt later on however, that other people outside of AC had lagging that day too around 13- 17. Perhaps the internet speeds were just generally slow on that day. But Sami’s simple and clever plan B was absolutely highlighted on that day.


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