Law and order

November is on a half way and our VOC studies are progressing nicely. This time our session was a bit different as before. First, the teaching method was new to me and to many others as well. This time we used so called Fishbowl method. Secondly, we were all in a same virtual room and we worked together as a one group.

In this programs it has been always great to experience a new and different teaching methods as we are going to be teachers. After all this time, I felt quite confusing about the method. I think it did not work quite well in the session. First the subject itself was difficult. Most of the students, me included, were not familiar with law related issues before at all. So, all of our opinions were based on what we had red in the last two weeks. I felt it was a bit difficult to try to figure out the most essential issues from point of vocational teachers, as there was huge amount of information available. I would have hoped that guest visitor, who was a true professional as a teacher and as a lawyer would have taken much bigger role during the session.

What are the principles of good administration and how are they evident in the everyday work of a teacher?

The principles of good governance are defined in the Constitution Law of Finland. Naturally Constitution Law of Finland is a base for all principles and good

Administrative Procedure Act Section 434/2005 highlights that teacher must be fair and equal with all students. This was good reminder that this is really a duty of all teachers.


What are the duties of a student and how does a teacher ensure the peaceful environment in the workplace?

This would be kind of easy topic to discuss in general level. But from point of legislation it is more complicated. Safety regulations of school environment are based on the 2 laws: 1. Polytechnic Act 2. Vocational Education and Training Act.

Both teacher and student has responsibilities. Teacher is responsible for the safe learning environment.

Student responsibilities

student resposibilities.JPG

One key outcome of the discussion was that a good student teacher relationship is a good starting point to ensure apeaceful learning environment.


Fishbowl method in online environment

All groups had a discussion of 20 minutes and then general discussion with all others. All questions and comments were typed on the chat box, therefore it was full of text pretty fast. It was a bit difficult and time-consuming to sort out question already answered. The end of the session could have been better. There were many excellent questions on the chat, still 10 minutes left but the session was finished. We were advised to keep on discussion on Facebook. After few days, there is not any discussion going on in Facebook. In my opinion all questions should have been written down by someone and answers should have been put on Facebook or somewhere as many good questions were asked.




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