Teaching, technical problems and plan B

Last online teaching sessions on Tuesday 27th included good teaching, nice discussions and yes technical difficulties. But after all groups did well and I liked the way how creatively and smoothly sessions moved on despite the challenges of technical issues. The topic of yellow (mine) group: How do the particular teaching methods promote individual learning …

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New (cool)teaching tools

After two teaching sessions, all groups have used many kinds of online tools in order to make good presentations and to teach effectively. I think it is really useful to have many different tools in your pocket. Also especially in online teaching, the methods and tools of teaching go more or less hand in hand. …

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New module started and first teaching session

First online session after summer took place at the end of the august. We started a new study module called Teaching and guidance in vocational pedagogy From now on we are going to make different kind of teaching session from important topics related to the vocational pedagogy. This is kind of 2 in 1 situation. …

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